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Ammonia Services

PSM Compliance Audits, Hazop Evacuations and Process Reviews

EEServ's field services representatives can be on site for new commissioning of ammonia systems to PSM, HAZOP review to complete P&ID safety and compliance review. With our equipment, we can oversee everything from O2 removal prior to the first fill of ammonia, to full commissioning of your systems up to sending ammonia to the AIG . Our team has designed, built, and installed ammonia systems for utility companies in the United States and India. Our experience allows us the understanding of the processes of storing, vaporizing and delivering ammonia very well.

Large Ammonia Tanks

Complete Support

Call the ammonia system experts. We provide emergency service, restoration of injection on SCR ammonia systems, repair of nurse tanks to large tanks, and much more. We can safely repair valves and leaks in systems and perform modifications to existing systems should processes changes be required for operations or safety. We also perform third-party inspections to comply with PSM requirement for OSHA's handling and storage of highly hazardous chemicals. A PSM compliance audit, is just one of the many audit inspections we can provide.

Ammonia & Chemical System Inspections

Don't take any chances with your ammonia or chemical system. EEServ performs thorough inspections of all chemical delivery systems, looking for abnormalities. We drain the residue of any oil accumulations and inspect paint conditions and relief valve expiration dates. Upon request, we can change these relief valves during the inspection. We can also identify issues with piping layouts and incorrect system designs for ammonia systems due to vapor pressure.

Safety is extremely important in our industry. During a PSM compliance audit or other inspection, we look at your safety equipment — such as wash-down systems, personal showers, and eyewash stations — testing them all for proper operation. If we find deficiencies, we can work with the plant to get them corrected either by our staff or plant personnel or contractors.

Ammonia Leaks/Piping and Tanks Evacuations

EEserv has its own self contained mobile equipment, engineering and field service expertise, coupled with 20 years of power plant SCR and SNCR experence employing anhydrous ammonia storage and delivery systems allows us to help you when you call to quickly assess and mimize the situation. If required, we can then assist with the formulation of a plan to oversea the transfer of ammonia from one storeage tank or pipeline to another and vent remaining ammonia vapor pressure to a large scrubber to quickly reduce the pressure in a leaking tank, vaporizer or line. We can then assist with repairs via our ASME R stamp and get your system returned to normal operations as safely and quickly as possible all with a single call.

Digital Inspector for a PSM Compliance Audit in Temecula, CA