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Thorough and Safe Ammonia Tank Internal Wet MT Inspection

Internal inspections of anhydrous ammonia tanks should be done on a regular basis. Our on site ammonia tank inspections take place all over the continental United States, depending on the tank owners they may take place as often as every five years when pressure relief valves require changing or at a minimum of every ten years to drain oil, remove dirt, and perform weld inspections and thickness examinations.  This is also an excellent time to perform calibrations and valve replacement due to wear and eventual leak by.

Tank Being Drained

Opening the Tank

EEServ has the equipment and experience that allows us to transfer and/or remove ammonia liquid from your tank and then vacuum out the remaining vapors. We can then safely open the tank and allow NDT personnel to inspect the internal surfaces of the tanks. This is the most reliable and trustworthy type of examination for stress corrosion cracking.


The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

Safety First

EEServ's first concern is safety and controls its own confined space program . We check the gas levels in the tank prior to each new entry and  continuous monitoring during internal inspections. We use our own posted, dedicated hole watch that controls the space and entry to it and is in communication with the inspection team in the tank.

Inside the Tank

Upon entry, the tank is inspected for dirt, oil, and other debris. If required, we may ask that the tank is cleaned prior to inspection. We then perform an NDT inspection for small cracks along the weld seams using photoluminescent magnetic particle. This is followed by a UT inspection to check for shell thickness. We always use our certified NDT lab and inspectors for the inspections.

Ammonia Tank Inspection in Temecula, CA

Up to Code

We are an ASME code shop, so you can be certain we have the expertise to correctly identify and correct vessel maintenance issues and return the tank to service with minimal interruptions. We take ammonia tank inspections seriously to provide you with safe, tested and instpected equipment. Other service providers can only provide tank entry or do NDT work. With our "R" stamp, EEServ can drain, vacuum, inspect and repair welds on code equipment if required.  The diversification allow a prompt return to service at reduced cost.