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Process Flow Diagrams

Single Sourced Vessel Design, Construction, Skid Fabrication, Piping Fabrication and Controls Integration in one Location 

In addition to design, engineering, and fabrication, EEServ also offers complete system integration. This allows us to take your process concepts to full implementation in one shop, under one roof. Our pressure vessel design, as well as the implementation of this system, will ensure you have the equipment necessary to work efficiently. 

An Integrated Process

We can design the chemical process PFDs and P&IDs, develop the control philosophy, and write the control logic based on the P&IDs we develop. These can be developed into standalone programming for a wide variety of processors or assist with incorporation into your PLC or DCS. We then proceed to vessel design, component and instrument selection, and process layout, producing fabrication drawings and main bills of materials for purchasing.

Precision & Flexibility

Because a project has been with EEServ from inception, customer changes and process improvements can be more easily incorporated at lower cost along the production stream. This is a great advantage for pilot work that may be in a state of flux. For exmple,  The ammonia injection system to the right for condensate water treatment at a coal fired power plant. The site was having isses with water quality due to an aging injection system. EEServ review the requirements, engineered a solutioin, designed the equipement, built the ASME vessels, piped the ANSI B-31.3 piping and skid assemblies, developed control logic, programed the PLC, wired control panel and skid then our field service group installed and commissioined skids. With EEServ's complete responsibility for the process, EEServ becomes your single point of contact and, most importantly, holds complete responsibility for the process and equipment.  EEServ was able to make modifications to process control and equipment that allow for the exact conductivity the plant was seeking withing the responce times both at boiler start up and continuous operations.